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Our Recent Blogs

businessman managing finances
November 16, 2018

Financial management is key to being successful in the vacation rental industry. Read on to learn 3 main things about financial management in the vacation rental industry that are important to know.

businessman net rate
November 16, 2018

Net-rate is becoming a crucial financial component of managing vacation rentals. So, what is this new thing and why do I need it? Well, to start — it isn’t actually a new concept, but for some reason vacation rental managers have forgotten about it or ignored it. Talented, hardworking entrepreneurs in any industry should always…

property managers
November 15, 2018

What Makes up Your Value Proposition in a Crowded Space? The best vacation rental managers are those who are prepared for anything, anytime. Every nook and cranny is observed, and every “t” is crossed and “i” gets dotted. To keep your clients happy, your services must be worth every penny — or someone else will…

Business man looking at data on laptop
November 7, 2018

One of the key components in any form of real estate is knowing your market. For vacation rentals, knowing which channels are most effective for the homes you manage is the key to success. Bear in mind that certain distribution sources may be “hot” in some areas, while others may not produce. For instance, HomeAway…

Businessman on phone
November 5, 2018

How Often Should You Check in with Property Owners? Many property managers tend to only reach out to owners when there is a problem — we use the cover of being “busy” to justify this awful customer service. This is unfortunately a very reactionary business by default, so managers need to take every opportunity they…

businessmen working on business model
October 22, 2018

The Truth It’s easy to get caught up in multiple to-dos. Your day job may be a 9-5, but your home life is always 24/7! Unfortunately, so is your vacation rental business. If you think your vacation rental property will rent itself out naturally and your cleaners will always do a great job, you’re mistaken….

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