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Our Recent Blogs

man making payment
February 21, 2019

It’s no secret that to keep a business running, the company has to make sure they’re making money. It is not a simple task for vacation rental managers to maintain payment schedules, cancellations, future payments due, deposits, and declined or charged back cards or who wants a refund. A job like this requires constant organization…

people shaking hands
February 8, 2019

When working in a business it is pretty standard practice that customers come first. However, you must always have top of mind that a great company, and amazing customer service, starts with the employees. Many times, businesses do not end up succeeding because they focus solely on sales and making money. Yes, the reason we…

vacation rental on instagram
January 31, 2019

Social media is critical today, but not everyone thinks about Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, with more than 800 million users worldwide and owned by Facebook. Not every business can use Instagram, but vacation rentals are rich with photo and video opportunities (try memes too!). You can…

vacation rental property
January 23, 2019

So now that you’re a property manager, you should have accepted that many responsibilities fall onto your shoulders — many of which you have absolutely no control over! Not only are you handling the property owners’ needs, but the guests and your staff as well, not to mention the physical aspects of caring for the…

businessman managing finances
November 16, 2018

Financial management is key to being successful in the vacation rental industry. Read on to learn 3 main things about financial management in the vacation rental industry that are important to know.

businessman net rate
November 16, 2018

Net-rate is becoming a crucial financial component of managing vacation rentals. So, what is this new thing and why do I need it? Well, to start — it isn’t actually a new concept, but for some reason vacation rental managers have forgotten about it or ignored it. Talented, hardworking entrepreneurs in any industry should always…

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