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adding numbers
Rate Yielding Intro

This module will teach you all about what rate yielding is, how to think about it and where you can make changes and adjust the data so that you can test the data and see what is working and what isn’t. By the end of this module you will be able to understand how to manipulate and yield your rates for maximum profitability in your business.

what's your rates
Rate Analysis

Get to understand the meaning of the terms REVPAR, ADR, and Occupancy and how they relate to the vacation rental industry. This lesson is all about laying out some terms so that you understand them as we diver deeper into the topics of pace reporting and accounting. Explore here now!


In this lesson we will start with revenue and get into budgeting. For most vacation rental companies revenue falls into three categories including cleaning income, fee income and management commission. Watch this lesson to learn more about these categories and get to understand why a budget is really just a P&L statement that you back into. Simple!

Do's and Don'ts list on notebook paper
Social Media – What Not To Do

Discover what NOT to do for vacation rental marketing as it related to social media. Watch now as we discuss different social media platforms to avoid, as well as the core channels you should be putting all of your time and energy into. Don’t forget, this is a business page so getting this wrong can cost you a lot of money.

man thinking
Owner Property Usage

When you over restrict your owners you can chip away at the relationship, but when you under restrict owners you can chip away at your profitability, so how can you please both sides?

person entering data in phone
Building and Managing your Property Portfolio

In this lesson we will be covering the basics of organizing your portfolio and picking what market you want to operate within.

expand your business on wood sign
Basics - Prospecting for New Property Owners

In this basics lesson we will teach you about where to prospect for more property owners to add to your portfolio.

woman trying to make decision about data
Basics - Data Driven Processes and Decision Making

In this lesson we will touch briefly on our processes and why we focus purely on data to drive decision-making and automation as much as we can in the vacation rental industry.

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