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The Importance of Employees in Your Vacation Rental Business and How to Treat Them

When working in a business it is pretty standard practice that customers come first. However, you must always have top of mind that a great company, and amazing customer service, starts with the employees. Many times, businesses do not end up succeeding because they focus solely on sales and making money. Yes, the reason we are in business (most of us) is to make money, but there are so many pieces that go into making that sustainable — that if you want to make real money you won’t do it alone. You may manage every part of the business in the early days, and make money doing that. If that is all you want to do, then this article may not be for you.

group of employees shaking handsUnfortunately, that is very difficult in vacation rental management. We are a very labor (people) heavy business! You’ll quickly go from a few helpers to dozens of employees if you follow our methods at Vacation Rental University. Those people will quickly be responsible for more and more of the daily tasks, and if you take good care of your people, they will execute those tasks with passion and excellence. This is where amazing customer service lives … profit comes later. There is so much more that your business can do with good and well cared for people.

What truly matters with your people? Stick around and find out.

If someone were to ask you, “How are your employees doing on the customer satisfaction front?” would you be able to honestly say that it has been excellent and pleasant? You see, the connection between clients and employees make a business long-lasting. Give it enough time and patience, and you and everyone around you will be able to reap the benefits of a good crew by your side. Excellent customer satisfaction goes a long way, and trust is equally as important.

Your People Matter

happy group of employeesAs an owner or manager of a vacation rental business, you must truly believe that your people matter — that they are important. Your business, your time spent, your money, and your clients all play a significant role in this community, but it is the people working with you every day who have the largest impact. It is up to you to see to it that your team is not only fully equipped but ready for anything. The goal is to take the guessing out of the question. It would be best if you acknowledged that the people you hire will be one part of the face of your business and care who those people are and how they are supported. It’s good to schedule monthly talks (not official reviews, just time to chat) where your employees can let you know of any problems, concerns, etc. that can be fixed by listening and helping them. The goal is a 1-on-1 meeting with everyone you are directly responsible for each month. So, a business owner can meet with the managers, a reservations manager with reservationists, cleaning manager with cleaners, etc. A good entrepreneur and supervisor knows when to lend an ear. It will pay off in due time and can remarkably improve the workplace … and you just might not actually have to do anything except for listen. Try it! You’ll be amazed at how quickly people can resolve their own problems just by talking through them and knowing they have support.

Build a (Simple) Process for Accountability

boss meeting with employeeHere’s another tip that can greatly assist in your venture of entrepreneurship: Accountability creates culture. With that being said, you (the entrepreneur) need to make sure that expectations should be high, and your employees should know them. Your expectations identify where you and your team stand so you can be together and unified to fulfill your vision as a leader. This will encourage everyone on board to work harder, with your mission statement as a backbone to climb to higher levels of success.

Does It Click?

Whether it’s coming from your clients or your employees, feedback should always be welcomed and listened to. It ensures that your team is doing the right job, your clients are happy, and that newcomers (on both sides) are always appreciated. We recommend you take time today to improve how you care for your people. Over time, your employees will be significantly more satisfied, stay longer, work more efficiently towards goals, gain a greater understanding of their role, and produce more profits.

Even if you do not have a team (yet) or are just starting, you should keep this information in mind from day 1. A thriving business will not just happen naturally. It takes time, patience, and amazing people. Join Vacation Rental University and learn more about how to successfully manage the employees at your vacation rental business.