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Micah VRU

CEO of VRU Featured in 2018 Edition of Top 100 People in Real Estate

Micah Berg knew early on that he wanted to start his own business — and that’s exactly what he did. In 2009, he took over a failing vacation management company and transformed it into one of the leading companies in the industry. Now, The Top 100 Magazine is featuring Micah in its 2018 edition of the Top 100 People in Real Estate. Learn more about the honor and Vacation Rental University:

Top 100 People in Real Estate

The Top 100 Magazine publishes individuals who have distinguished themselves within their industry, career and community. Vacation Rental University’s own Micah Berg is featured in their Top 100 People in Real Estate edition. The Top 100 Magazine is a leading business publication with more than 400,000 subscribers throughout 90 countries worldwide. It is a great honor to be featured for both Micah and Vacation Rental University.

About Micah’s Career

Micah began his professional career as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Destin, Florida to assist in opening a new branch. It was at Merrill Lynch where Micah met some of his greatest mentors, including Nancy Kline, William Kline and Ted Densmore. Each of them had something different and significant to teach him while he was there.

After leaving Merrill Lynch, Micah knew 3 things: He wanted to stay in Destin, Florida, he wanted to start his own business, and he needed that business to have a recurring revenue model. That’s where starting RealJoy Vacations came in. RealJoy Vacations is a full-service vacation rental management company whose goal is for their owners to enjoy their second homes, but also make as much money on their investment as possible without having to lift a finger! Now, Micah is the CEO of both RealJoy Vacations and Vacation Rental University.

About Vacation Rental University

Micah founded Vacation Rental University to fill a massive void in the vacation rental industry when it comes to education. His goal was to create an online academy so that people getting started or already in the business had a place to learn high-quality information on their own time. VRU gives users proven systems, tools, templates and industry experience to help launch and build a successful vacation rental business.

How to Join VRU

Joining Vacation Rental University is easy — all you have to do is sign up! Anyone who wants to learn more about the industry is welcome to join. The online lessons allow you to work at your own pace and pick and choose your certifications. It is set up as a monthly recurring system so you can go through specific learning tracks or just refer to the lessons when you have a specific need.

Sign up for Vacation Rental University today and start learning how to make your vacation rental business stand out from the crowd!